Techno Silage Tanks

Techno silage tanks are manufactured in the same size as cesspools and are used for the storage of more toxic natural or chemical waste. Techno silage tanks are manufactured using special UV plastic material designed to be resistant to aggressive silage effluent and comply with all statutory regulations.

Techno Tobacco Skips

Multipurpose Trolleys

Biogas System

Waste disposal is a source of a problem in many institutions or organizations. But if utilized wisely, it can benefit greatly while converting such waste into useful resources.

Uses of Our Biogas System

Techno-Plast Biogas Plants- Versatile for many business models Multifarious Applications

Techno-Plast Biogas Plants are a natural choice for people with animals. They are useful in homes where a sufficient quantity of kitchen waste is available. However, following business models are also perfectly feasible.

Technoplast Biogas Plants for Dairies

Cooperatives or organized dairies can offer their members biogas plants on mutually agreed terms. They can secure subsidy from government and loans under priority lending schemes of NABARD or banks. Adjustments of EMIs against milk bill of farmers make the scheme, wonderful for all stakeholders.

Techno-Plast Biogas Plants for people without animals

In villages or towns, there is an easy feasibility of setting ‘Gobar Bank’ or ‘Kitchen Waste Bank’. These can be the source of starting material for people who do not have their own animals. Suitable arrangements can be made to provide cooking energy security or business models for organic manure through these linkages. NGOs and CSR personnel can deliver great service to the nation through route.